T/9. by tammi chomski





Tammi chomski

BA in design, Department
of Visual Communications, 
Bezalel Academy of Art 
and Design Jerusalem


Since 2000, lecturing at
Shenkar College and
Bezalel Academy


Since 2007 designing fashion for the T/9. label

The design process occurs in two parallel axes, one material-based: inspiration from the textile itself - texture, color, emotion. About Model: Recognizing the importance of producing a useful item that meets a need These two together form the code The guide in designing the final garment The encounter between motivations creates 2 central collections each season, which allows for the appearance of appearance Complete, dripping and assimilating unexpected combinations, untrivial and varied colors Textures in layers that come together for a complete and seasonal look.

Great emphasis and time are devoted to the independent import of fabrics from abroad, to choice in the country, and to the development of unique textiles in various techniques. Which has planned randomness, adventure in the material, and gambling in coloring attempts on the complete garment. Constantly apply conclusions, and extend the range of colors and materials - which still maintains solidity and wearable classics.

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